Well, here we go, Day 2 and they are having the time of their lives !

'Hello Year 6 Parents/Carers!


Last night, we all enjoyed a very muddy walk around the farm and had the chance to stargaze on a very clear evening: we even spotted Mars and Jupiter! The children were amazed at how many stars they could see in the night, spotting the constellations and we talked about how this isn’t possible in London, due to the light pollution. All of the children showered and slept beautifully through the night. 


Today, it’s all about hands on farming! First, we enjoyed a beautiful breakfast with organic produce straight from the farm before going to do the morning chores of collecting the eggs from the hens; we then used the egganator 3000 to measure and weigh the eggs that we had collected! After that, we learned all about the pigs - some of the new piglets were extremely naughty and extremely noisy. We explored the rest of the farm and fed and stroked the goats and new baby calves.

Magdalen has a most excellent orchard, which we have helped farm today. We have added nuggets of sand to the carrot patch and dug up some ginormous leeks! 


We are super excited for a low ropes adventure and movie night tonight!' The Year 6 Staff Team.