THANK YOU to everyone who attended the Parents/Carers Meetings this week; it was wonderful to welcome so many of you. If you did not manage to meet with your child's teacher, then please ensure that you make an appointment for a face to face or phone conversation before the end of next week. The Autumn Term is very long (as we all know!) and it is crucial that your child is on track to achieve their potential. Working with us ensures the very best for your child/children at all times. I have been delighted with the progress and key learning milestones that have been shared with me throughout assemblies and my class drop ins; it is wonderful to be able to celebrate the children's achievements. There have also been some remarkable Home Learning Projects which clearly involved a lot of home support - thank you.

Next week is a very exciting time for Year 6, as they will be on their Residential Visit to Magdalen Farm in Chard, Somerset. We have everything crossed that they will at least get a majority of dry days, but no matter what, they are going to have the most amazing adventures. Updates will be posted via the website on a daily basis, so watch this space.

Finally, our Festive Extravaganza is fast approaching, so I thought that it would be a good idea to include details here so that everyone knows what is happening and what to bring:

When is this happening? Thursday 8th December
What should I bring? Between now and 08.12.22 we would like you to donate some small items worth no more than £3:00 per item. There is a clear list underneath this table.
Can I bring in food? Yes, there is a list of non perishables below, but you can also make a dish (like on International Day) for adults to take home in takeaway boxes and share with their families at home. More details will be sent home over the next few weeks.
Can I bring in any used items? The only used items should be books, which must be in good condition, everything else should be new.
What happens on the day? On the day, Parents and Carers will be invited to bring a small bag and visit the stalls to take some FREE festive goodies home. This is an event to support our community with the emphasis being on giving and sharing. No money will be required.


Here we go:

Toiletries - for example: sponge, conditioner, shampoo, soap, comb, hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, flannel, moisturiser. 

Small items of clothing - for example: socks, woolly hats, scarves, mittens, caps, beanies, gloves.

Cupboard Food (with a long sell by date) - for example: rice, tins, jars, biscuits, tea bags, coffee, pasta, hot chocolate, packet soup.

Home cooked dishes - Just like on International Day, but this time for people to take home in takeaway boxes.

Lucky Dip - for example: something no bigger than the palm of your hand - yoyo, stationary, chocolate bar, notebooks, key chains, confectionary, pens, crayons, small toy. These should be wrapped up so it is a surprise; any paper will do. You do not need special wrapping paper.

Books - These are the only items that can be brought in that have been used. Please can you make sure that they are in good condition.

Please do not hesitate to ask any of us on the gate if you are confused about what to bring. It is going to be a wonderful community event which we are very much looking forward to. Further details about the home cooked dishes and timings for this event will be sent home over the next couple of weeks.